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I am not really a things kinda gal. My daily wardrobe consist of yoga wear. I rent outfits if I need to wear something other than yoga pants. My makeup routine consist of 2 steps, I have been carrying a diaper bag for the better part of the last 12 years, so I don’t have a ton of fashion and glamour tips to share, but I would love to learn from you all. I am really into sharing experiences, tips, tools and products that make my life simpler, kids and baby must haves, books and podcast that I love. I am a loyal consumer when I find a business that I love to do business with I want to share with my people!

Hello New Me-A Daily Food & Exercise Journal

I tell women if you want to feel and look better do these 4 things everyday: sleep 7+ hours, eat mostly whole foods, drink 8 8oz glasses of water, exercise a minimum of 30 minutes. This Hello New Me journal tracks all of those 4 things and keeps it so simple! I love...

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Why I Stopped Buying New Clothes

I have to share my love for Rent the Runway (RTR) with you. Right now is the prefect time to fall in love with RTR  because holiday parties are right around the corner! I want you to look and feel your best throughout the holidays!  The whole...

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Disconnect To Reconnect

ARE YOU ADDICTED TO YOUR PHONE? HAVE YOU CREATED BAD PHONE HABITS? Disconnect To Reconnect Be Mindful and Intentional About The Time You Spend On Your Phone Society has a funny way of excepting us to be productive 24/7 thanks to technology. ...

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Girlfriend Put On Your Swimsuit

Girlfriend it's almost Spring Break and Summer is right around the corner it's time to put on your swimsuit. Yes, you and if you are reading this you are most likely a mom or maybe will be someday. If you are a mom you probably have some stretch marks and by some I...

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Megan’s Top 6 Personal Growth Reads

Megan's Top 6 Personal Growth Reads I love personal growth books so much. There’s something empowering about the amount of wisdom at my fingertips or in my earbuds since I love listening to audibles. Personal Growth genre of books get me super...

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