Rent the Studio or Co-Create With Megan's Yoga Tribe

Hello teachers, healers, guides do you have something within you that you are ready to share with others and need a space that matches your light and passion?

sWe have 3 locations available: downtown Lee’s Summit, Lakewood, and 3rd street and 50 highway available to rent the space or co-create with Megan’s Yoga Tribe and host your own event, class, retreat, workshop, special offering.
You can rent the space and have access to all our props & tea bar, for an hourly rate and bring your community. Or we co-create the event together. You send me the class descriptions, pick a time and date and pricing per person. Megan’s Yoga Tribe does all the marketing for you to promote your event. (of course you share the event too) We create a flyer for the event to post in studio and virtually. We put it on our website, on our booking site, send to our email list and text list, create the event on Facebook, share to our member’s group with over 350 members and collect payment for the event. 50/50 split with Megan’s Yoga Tribe and you will be paid via Venmo or Check.

Our larger studios are available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon and evenings and some afternoons during the week for instructors, healings, and guides to share what lights them up! Our wellness tribe space is open throughout the week and weekends.

co-create with megan