Are you ready to..


Increase your employees happiness,  & productivity?


Show your employees that you are invested in their

health & well-being?


Demonstrate to your employees that you value them

beyond the workplace?


Megan’s Yoga Tribe helps all size companies prioritize their employees health, happiness, and overall well-being with

little out of pocket cost.


  What Does a Corporate Wellness Partner Membership at Megan’s Yoga Tribe Include?

7  Weekly LIVE Zoom Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Classes

Every employee will have access to 7 weekly LIVE Zoom Yoga, Barre, and Pilates classes.  Zoom makes it easy to stay accountable to healthy habits, whether from the comfort of home or the office. Empower your employees with convenient and expert-led sessions that seamlessly integrate wellness into their daily routine.


2000 On-Demand Videos

Explore wellness at your own pace with Megan’s Yoga Tribe on-demand video library! All Employees enjoy 2000 instructor-led classes, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Our library is open 24/7, providing flexibility for your practice anytime, anywhere.

Optional On-Site Instructor Led Classes

Enhance your corporate wellness journey with offering the added perk of On-Site Instructor-Led Classes. Elevate the well-being of your employees by bringing the expertise directly to your workplace. Our experienced instructors will lead invigorating sessions tailored to your team’s needs, fostering a culture of health and connectivity right within your office space. 

Accountability and motivation through 30-Day Challenge Contests

All employees will have the opportunity to participate in both of our annual challenges, occuring in January and June each year. These challenges serve to re-engage employees in their healthy habits and add incentive with awesome prizes provided by MYT.


Corporate memberships also receive access to our ever-growing library of on-demand, instructor-led videos covering a variety of classes. These are perfect for busy lifestyle. Workout anytime, anywhere.


Want MORE than a virtual membership?

We customize our Corporate Wellness Partner Memberships. You can ADD on: Studio Classes at BOTH our Lee’s Summit Locations and or On-Site classes where MYT comes to your business. 

What happens when your company partners with MYT

Happier-Healthier-More Productive Employees & MYT handles all the work for YOU!

Setup a meeting & get a custom quote

Megan, the founder of Megan’s Yoga Tribe, and Corey, our branding manager, can’t wait to chat with you about how we can elevate your company’s well-being. Let’s schedule a quick virtual or in-person coffee chat to explore possibilities. Looking forward to it!

Megan’s Yoga Tribe Team

  • Mindful movement increases employee happiness and snowballs into more energy, more productivity and gratitude.
  • Communicate how much you value your employees by offering a wellness solution at zero cost to them.
  • MYT classes are conveniently available, 24/7 and updated weekly with new content.
  • There are many benefits of a mindful movement practice, which include improvement in overall well-being and emotional health, lowering cortisol levels (stress hormones), and improving mind-body awareness

Zoom Schedule

Monday 6am Monday Mindset Vinyasa Flow Fusion with Megan via Zoom (45 min)

Monday 5:30pm Vinyasa with Haley via Zoom (45 min)

Tuesday 6am Yoga Sculpt Express via Zoom with Carly (30 minutes)

Tuesday 7pm Yoga 101 with Allie via Zoom with Allie (45 minutes)

Wednesday 6am Vin-Yin with Sarah M (flow + stretch) (45 minutes)

Thursday 6am Total Body Barre with Hillary via Zoom (45 min)

Thursday 8pm Restore & Rest Yin with Andrea (45 min)

*Class schedule subject to change monthly (current classes offered listed above)

*All membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

*Membership auto-renews monthly or annually until you cancel 

LSR7 is so grateful for our partnership with Megan’s Yoga Tribe! Our staff absolutely loves their virtual Yoga, Barre and Pilates virtual membership and onsite yoga classes. We could not be more pleased with the quality of instruction, convenience of the virtual classes, and the overall positive impact that it has had on our staff’s wellbeing. We are thankful for the opportunity to provide our staff with the resources they need to be successful in their physical and mental wellbeing. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Megan’s Yoga Tribe.”

Rebecca Pacheco

LSR7 Employee Wellbeing Coordinator , LSR7 School District

Meet Megan: I’m Megan, a Mom on a Mission

I’m a Lee’s Summit mom of 4, wife, yoga instructor, business coach, international yoga + wellness + healing retreat designer/ facilitator and owner/founder of Megan’s Yoga Tribe Studio. I am a lover of food and life; on a mission to help you create and live a life you LOVE.

Some quick facts about me:

  • Yoga and cooking bring me joy
  • I go to therapy weekly
  • I love dating my husband
  • My drink of choice is a London fog with oat milk
  • Spending quality time with women sets my soul on fire
  • The hardest thing I do each day is parent
  • I want to help YOU fall in love with taking care of your body, mind, and soul!
  • “Find Your Tribe and Love Them Well” is one of my all time favorite quotes.
Megan Sevart-Culbertson

Owner, Megan's Yoga Tribe


Q: How many in-studio classes do you offer each week?

A: We offer a diverse range of 50 weekly in-studio classes across our 2 convenient locations, catering to various skill levels and styles. Classes are subject to change monthly, current schedules are isted above.

Q: Do you offer on-site classes?

A: Yes, we have a team of 50 instructors who can bring instructor-led classes to your business.

Q: Do you offer online classes?

A: Absolutely! We provide 7 live Zoom classes every week, allowing all your employees to practice yoga from the comfort of thier home or office

Q: What about on-demand video content?

A: Our on-demand library boasts an impressive collection of 2000 videos, available anytime to fit your employees schedules via our exclusive member’s site.

Q: Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

A: No, we believe in flexibility. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Corporate Members have complete control over their membership. Membership auto-renews monthly, quarterly or annually until you cancel via update account info tab in your exclusive members’ portal.

Q: How does the company and their employees manage and access their membership?

A: Yes, our exclusive members’ site allows each company to have a corporate account and all of your employees to create their own sub-account where they access their membership.

Q: How easy is it to schedule studio classes?

A: Scheduling studio classes is a breeze with our user-friendly app, designed to make your yoga experience as seamless as possible. You will get access to our APP in a welcome email after you sign up. Only active studio members have access to schedule studio classes via our APP. You must sign up for studio calsses in advance. 

Q: Is there a minimum number of employees to be a MYT corporate wellness member?

A: No, we serve small businesses to entire school districts. No business is too small or big.

Q: What kind of classes are included in my membership?

A: 1. Power Core Yoga: Strengthen and empower your body, mind, and soul in this 30-minute high-energy class. Combining traditional yoga with optional weights and bursts of cardio, it’s a full-body workout leaving you energized, confident, and strong.

2. Yin Yoga: A complimentary practice focusing on stretching connective tissues, Yin Yoga promotes relaxation and flexibility. Holding postures for 1-3 minutes releases blockages, leaving you feeling open, peaceful, and calm.

3. Buti Yoga: Fusion of power yoga, cardio, dance, and conditioning. Guided by music, it’s a dynamic class leaving you feeling strong and energized.

4. Rest and Restore Yin: A deep rest class combining yin and restorative postures with sound healing. Props enhance relaxation, reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being.

5. Barre & Total Body Barre: Low-impact, high-cardio barre classes targeting muscles for full-body toning, improved posture, and flexibility. Experience a fun, empowering workout.

6. Core Strength Flow: Develop core strength through mindful transitions, increasing awareness and control. Move with your breath for a transformative yoga practice.

8. Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow: Focus on core strength, flexibility, and breath control. Improve posture and balance, leaving the class feeling strong and balanced.

9. Vinyasa Flow: Athletic and flowing class combining power vinyasa flow, strength, and breath work. Detoxify your body, building endurance and balance.

10. Mindful Flow: Gentle practice moving slowly into basic yoga poses. Emphasis on breath and relaxation for a soothing experience.

11. Yoga Sculpt: Dynamic vinyasa practice incorporating resistance training for full-body strength and toning. Leave feeling strong, healthy, and empowered.

13. Vin-Yin: An intuitive flow connecting mind, body, and spirit. All-level class for mid-day pick-me-up or relaxation.

14. Stress Relief Flow: Mindful breathing and movement to release tension. Slow, deep practice focusing on areas holding the most tension.

15. Yoga 101: Explore foundational postures and breath-work, integrating intention and affirmations for self-love and peace.

16. Candlelit Vin-Yin + Sound Bath Savasana: All-level flow with a mix of active and passive postures, ending with a 15-minute sound bath for deep relaxation.

17. Heated Rest & Restore Yin: Gentle methods to move and calm the body, lit by candles with essential oils and gentle massage in extended savasana.

18. Heated Vinyasa: Athletic class blending power yoga and meditation in a heated studio for detoxification and mental transformation.

19. Intro to Ashtanga: Introduction to Ashtanga yoga, a powerful sequence linking breath and movement. Improve posture, release tension, and experience transformation.

20. Ashtanga Tune-Up + Fascia Release: Gentle Ashtanga sequence with therapy tools for tension release, stress reduction, and improved posture.

21. Pilates: Flowy mat Pilates class incorporating props, movements, and breath focus for improved coordination, posture, and core strength.

22. Zumba: Dance-based fitness class for a fun and energetic workout.