1. Power Core Yoga: Strengthen and empower your body, mind, and soul in this 30-minute high-energy class. Combining traditional yoga with optional weights and bursts of cardio, it’s a full-body workout leaving you energized, confident, and strong.


2. Yin Yoga: A complimentary practice focusing on stretching connective tissues, Yin Yoga promotes relaxation and flexibility. Holding postures for 1-3 minutes releases blockages, leaving you feeling open, peaceful, and calm.


3. Buti Yoga: Fusion of power yoga, cardio, dance, and conditioning. Guided by music, it’s a dynamic class leaving you feeling strong and energized.


4. Rest and Restore Yin: A deep rest class combining yin and restorative postures with sound healing. Props enhance relaxation, reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being.


5. Barre & Total Body Barre: Low-impact, high-cardio barre classes targeting muscles for full-body toning, improved posture, and flexibility. Experience a fun, empowering workout.


6. Core Strength Flow: Develop core strength through mindful transitions, increasing awareness and control. Move with your breath for a transformative yoga practice.


8. Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow: Focus on core strength, flexibility, and breath control. Improve posture and balance, leaving the class feeling strong and balanced.


9. Vinyasa Flow: Athletic and flowing class combining power vinyasa flow, strength, and breath work. Detoxify your body, building endurance and balance.


10. Mindful Flow: Gentle practice moving slowly into basic yoga poses. Emphasis on breath and relaxation for a soothing experience.


11. Yoga Sculpt: Dynamic vinyasa practice incorporating resistance training for full-body strength and toning. Leave feeling strong, healthy, and empowered.


13. Vin-Yin: An intuitive flow connecting mind, body, and spirit. All-level class for mid-day pick-me-up or relaxation.


14. Stress Relief Flow: Mindful breathing and movement to release tension. Slow, deep practice focusing on areas holding the most tension.


15. Yoga 101: Explore foundational postures and breath-work, integrating intention and affirmations for self-love and peace.


16. Candlelit Vin-Yin + Sound Bath Savasana: All-level flow with a mix of active and passive postures, ending with a 15-minute sound bath for deep relaxation.


17. Heated Rest & Restore Yin: Gentle methods to move and calm the body, lit by candles with essential oils and gentle massage in extended savasana.


18. Heated Vinyasa: Athletic class blending power yoga and meditation in a heated studio for detoxification and mental transformation.


19. Intro to Ashtanga: Introduction to Ashtanga yoga, a powerful sequence linking breath and movement. Improve posture, release tension, and experience transformation.


20. Ashtanga Tune-Up + Fascia Release: Gentle Ashtanga sequence with therapy tools for tension release, stress reduction, and improved posture.


21. Pilates: Flowy mat Pilates class incorporating props, movements, and breath focus for improved coordination, posture, and core strength.


22. Zumba: Dance-based fitness class for a fun and energetic workout.