Are you ready to..


Create more peace in your life?


Feel confident in your skin? 


Develop habits that elevate your energy?


Megan’s Yoga Tribe helps busy men & women prioritize their health and happiness.


What Does a Student Membership at Megan’s Yoga Tribe Include?

Unlimited yoga, barre, pilates, and Zumba classes

You will have access to in-person classes 7 days a week at our 2 Lee’s Summit studios plus live Zoom classes and an on-demand video class library with over 2000 classes you can attend from home.

Support from a community of like-minded members

You will be part of a strong community of members who are here to support you through acceptance, accountability, and encouragement every step of the way.

Early access to health and wellness workshops and retreats

You will have the opportunity to attend specialty classes such as breath-work, healing circles, yoga Nidra, couples and family yoga as well as all-inclusive retreats around the world.


Your membership also includes access to an ever-growing library of on-demand, instructor-led videos covering a variety of classes. These are perfect for your busy lifestyle. Workout anytime, anywhere.

$50 month

Megan’s Yoga Tribe is truly amazing. The serene atmosphere, skilled instructors, and diverse range of classes make it a complete fit for both beginners and experienced yogis. I started coming to MYT while in nursing school and it was life-changing. This studio pushes me physically while giving me the mental break that I need. My favorite thing about this studio is the flexibility in schedules both timing and class-wise. I can go to a class as early as 6a and completely sweat and push myself harder than I would in the gym or I can go at 8p and have the most calming sound healing journey that will prepare me for bed after a long day at work. 100/10 recommend, investing in yourself is worth SO much.

Karissa Meads

One Membership – 2 Locations

Our Locations + Schedules

DTLS Studio Schedule

20 SW 3rd St LS MO 64063


10am-10:45am Vinyasa 

1:30pm-2:15pm Stress Relief Flow

5:30pm-6:30pm Yoga 101

7pm-8pm Vin-Yin + Sound Healing Savasana


9:30am-10:15am Mindful Flow

4pm-5pm Ashtanga Tune-Up + Fascia Release

5:30pm-6:30pm Vinysas

7pm-8pm Restore & Rest Yin


6am-6:45am Vinyasa 

12pm-12:45pm Stress Relief Flow

5:30pm-6:30pm Yoga 101

7pm-8pm Vinyasa 


11am-12pm Vinyasa Flow Fusion

5:30pm-6:30pm Pilates

7pm-8pm Heated Restore & Rest 


6am-6:45am Yoga Sculpt (vinyasa + optional weights)

9am-9:45am Vin-Yin (flow + stretch)

12pm-1:30pm Intro to Ashtanga

5:30pm Yoga 101


8:15am-9am Vinyasa 

9:30am-10:30am Power Yoga 

11am-12pm Mat Pilates


9am-9:45am Mindful Flow

10:15am-11am Vin-Yin (flow + stretch)

Lakewood Studio Schedule

611 NE Woods Chapel Rd. LS MO 64064


9:30am-10:15am Zumba

10:30am-11:10am Yoga 101

6pm-6:45pm Stress Relief Flow

7:15pm-8pm Vinyasa 


10am-11am Vinyasa 

6pm-7pm Restore & Rest Yin Yoga

7:15pm-8pm Buti Yoga


9:30am-10:15am Total Body Barre

11am-12pm  All Levels Ashtanga

6pm-7pm Yoga 101

7:30pm-8:30 Restore & Rest Yin


9:30am-10:15am Yoga 101

5:30pm-6:15pm Pilates Yoga Fusion

7pm-8pm Heated Vinyasa


10am-10:45am Yoga Sculpt + FUNctional Strength

3:15pm-4pm Mindful Flow (FREE for educators)


7am-7:45am Yoga 101

9am-10am Vinyasa


8:30am-9:15am Stress Relief Flow

10am-11am Heated Vinyasa Flow Fusion

7pm-8pm Candlelit Restorative + Optional Reiki Energy Healing 

Zoom Schedule

Monday 6am Monday Mindset Vinyasa Flow Fusion with Megan via Zoom (45 min)

Monday 5:30pm Vinyasa with Haley via Zoom (45 min)

Tuesday 6am Yoga Sculpt Express via Zoom with Carly (30 minutes)

Tuesday 7pm Yoga 101 with Allie via Zoom with Allie (45 minutes)

Wednesday 6am Vin-Yin with Sarah M (flow + stretch) (45 minutes)

Thursday 6am Total Body Barre with Hillary via Zoom (45 min)

Thursday 8pm Restore & Rest Yin with Andrea (45 min)

*Class schedule subject to change monthly (current classes offered listed above)
*Unlimited access to all Zoom classes recorded on-demand

*All membership fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

*Membership auto-renews monthly until you cancel 

Megan’s Yoga Tribe offers a wide variety of yoga and fitness classes.  Each class is wonderful.  Beyond the yoga, MYT offers workshops, retreats, and other community-centric events that are amazing. There’s always something to look forward to at the studio. I’ve been a member for almost a year and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. My health is the best it has ever been both mentally and physically. If you are new to yoga or an old pro, there’s something for everyone at MYT. ALL classes are inclusive, warm, supportive, and taught by some of the best Teachers around.

Ashlea Owings

Meet Megan: I’m Megan, a Mom on a Mission

I’m a Lee’s Summit mom of 4, wife, yoga instructor, business coach, international yoga + wellness + healing retreat designer/ facilitator and owner/founder of Megan’s Yoga Tribe Studio. I am a lover of food and life; on a mission to help you create and live a life you LOVE.

Some quick facts about me:

  • Yoga and cooking bring me joy
  • I go to therapy weekly
  • I love dating my husband
  • My drink of choice is a London fog with oat milk
  • Spending quality time with women sets my soul on fire
  • The hardest thing I do each day is parent
  • I want to help YOU fall in love with taking care of your body, mind, and soul!
  • “Find Your Tribe and Love Them Well” is one of my all time favorite quotes.
Megan Sevart-Culbertson

Owner, Megan's Yoga Tribe


Q: How many in-studio classes do you offer each week?

A: We offer a diverse range of 50 weekly in-studio classes across our 2 convenient locations, catering to various skill levels and styles. Classes are subject to change monthly, current schedules are isted above.

Q: Do you offer online classes?

A: Absolutely! We provide 7 live Zoom classes every week, allowing you to practice yoga from the comfort of your home.

Q: What about on-demand video content?

A: Our on-demand library boasts an impressive collection of 2000 videos, available anytime to fit your schedule via our exclusive member’s site.

Q: Are there any contracts or cancellation fees?

A: No, we believe in flexibility. There are no contracts or cancellation fees. Members have complete control over their membership. Memberhip auto-renews monthly until you cancel via update account info tab in your exclusive members’ portal.

Q: Can I manage my membership on my own?

A: Yes, our exclusive members’ site allows you to create your own account, update your payment info, and allows options to pause, cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your membership on your terms.

Q: How easy is it to schedule studio classes?

A: Scheduling studio classes is a breeze with our user-friendly app, designed to make your yoga experience as seamless as possible. You will get access to our APP in a welcome email after you sign up. Only active members have access to schedule studio classes via our APP. You must sign up for studio calsses in advance. 

Q: What kind of classes are included in my membership?

A: 1. Power Core Yoga: Strengthen and empower your body, mind, and soul in this 30-minute high-energy class. Combining traditional yoga with optional weights and bursts of cardio, it’s a full-body workout leaving you energized, confident, and strong.

2. Yin Yoga: A complimentary practice focusing on stretching connective tissues, Yin Yoga promotes relaxation and flexibility. Holding postures for 1-3 minutes releases blockages, leaving you feeling open, peaceful, and calm.

3. Buti Yoga: Fusion of power yoga, cardio, dance, and conditioning. Guided by music, it’s a dynamic class leaving you feeling strong and energized.

4. Rest and Restore Yin: A deep rest class combining yin and restorative postures with sound healing. Props enhance relaxation, reducing stress, improving sleep, and enhancing overall well-being.

5. Barre & Total Body Barre: Low-impact, high-cardio barre classes targeting muscles for full-body toning, improved posture, and flexibility. Experience a fun, empowering workout.

6. Core Strength Flow: Develop core strength through mindful transitions, increasing awareness and control. Move with your breath for a transformative yoga practice.

8. Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow: Focus on core strength, flexibility, and breath control. Improve posture and balance, leaving the class feeling strong and balanced.

9. Vinyasa Flow: Athletic and flowing class combining power vinyasa flow, strength, and breath work. Detoxify your body, building endurance and balance.

10. Mindful Flow: Gentle practice moving slowly into basic yoga poses. Emphasis on breath and relaxation for a soothing experience.

11. Yoga Sculpt: Dynamic vinyasa practice incorporating resistance training for full-body strength and toning. Leave feeling strong, healthy, and empowered.

13. Vin-Yin: An intuitive flow connecting mind, body, and spirit. All-level class for mid-day pick-me-up or relaxation.

14. Stress Relief Flow: Mindful breathing and movement to release tension. Slow, deep practice focusing on areas holding the most tension.

15. Yoga 101: Explore foundational postures and breath-work, integrating intention and affirmations for self-love and peace.

16. Candlelit Vin-Yin + Sound Bath Savasana: All-level flow with a mix of active and passive postures, ending with a 15-minute sound bath for deep relaxation.

17. Heated Rest & Restore Yin: Gentle methods to move and calm the body, lit by candles with essential oils and gentle massage in extended savasana.

18. Heated Vinyasa: Athletic class blending power yoga and meditation in a heated studio for detoxification and mental transformation.

19. Intro to Ashtanga: Introduction to Ashtanga yoga, a powerful sequence linking breath and movement. Improve posture, release tension, and experience transformation.

20. Ashtanga Tune-Up + Fascia Release: Gentle Ashtanga sequence with therapy tools for tension release, stress reduction, and improved posture.

21. Pilates: Flowy mat Pilates class incorporating props, movements, and breath focus for improved coordination, posture, and core strength.

22. Zumba: Dance-based fitness class for a fun and energetic workout.