PDF’s, Files, & Links

PDF’s, Files, & Links

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I will share files, resources, and links from our calls to this page. Think of it as notes from our calls. 

Call 1 Notes: 

Individual Goals for 4 month Program:

Angela-New Space, Stars Align to reveal the new home for Bel Fiore Farm & Floral 

Haley-New Space, Growth

Rona-6K Gross Sales, Clarity for Services & Pricing, Discover Niche, Attract the right customers, New Business Name, Cancellation Policy, Marketing Plan

Sarah- Divorced, Confident, Hire Employee, Growth, Grow email list, Consistent Social Media Program, Hire a VA

Jonna-Growing Clients, Attract the right clients, Virtual or In-Person Clarity, Mindset Hack, Workshops, Events, Festivals

Casey-More organized, less anxiety, more energy, clarity with money and finances contribute to family income.

Chelsea-Create a Virtual Business, Clarity on moving forward as an employee 

Jennifer-Attract the right patients, Mindset shift believe the business of your dreams are available without the hustle and experience you lived growing up with parents who were business owners


Self-Care is essential to your business growth, sustainability, and success. It must be planned and scheduled weekly.

1. Mission Statement
2. Core Values
3. Customer Avatar
4. Your Customer’s Pain Points
5. How You Can Solve Your Customer’s Painpoints
6. What’s going to move the needle the most in your business that’s your must do before next months call listed below


This is your must do’s in addition to our homework.
Haley Wrisinger: cancellation policy and insight scanner up and running
Rona Schwarz: Taxes and Cancellation Policy
Jonna Grauer: Self-Care Realigned
Casey Haase: Automate Macros course
Angela-Marie Turner: implement schedule, on boarding new employees, payroll, and
workmen’s compensation insurance
Jennifer Jones taxes: cancellation policy, website, finances
Chelsea Karwath DC:
Sarah Brock Mine: setup gift certificate on website, plan 2 weeks’ worth of social posts, ping network for IBCLC I can hire (I’m hesitant to put out an ad on my social channels, I worry that I’ll get people who don’t align with my values and I don’t want to wade through it all. Anyone have ideas or insight?)